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When in neutral should I be using f.S over 2S and vice-versa?

You should be using 2S most of the time in neutral to stop people on the ground. They're both 9f startup with similar recovery but 2S has a decent vertical hitbox but more importantly doesn't get low profiled by things like sol 2D, chipp's alpha blade, or some character's 6P. 5S is more about maintaining an advantage and keeping people from attempting to move or jump away. In one specific instance, you will also want to use 5S instead of 2S to punish chipp's 2nd rekka on IB as if chipp does the 3rd follow-up it'll jump 2S.

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Hey Faulty, saw both you, KidVip, and Kensou play fantastically at FF 16'. I'm also a Houston native and was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions for level up my execution with FG? I currently play GG, BB and SG, thanks for representing H-Town.

Thanks for the kind words.
As far as working on execution, the obvious answer is just invest more time. I think it's better to break it down though.
What do you feel needs the most work:
Can you just not do the combos you want? No other way but to hit up training mode and grind it out until it's more consistent.
Can you land your combos in training mode but not in an actual match? Work on your abare by playing more matches. One thing I liked to do before we had such an active scene was just play arcade mode on higher difficulties. The computer blocks pretty randomly, moves around a lot and you're always playing against different characters so you get a lot of practice making your hits count on the fly, off different hits, hurtboxes and character weights. It would be more ideal to play humans but that's not always an option, and if you're really focusing on execution I don't recommend going straight to online.
Do you have your combos down but can't actually get in position to land them in matches? You're going to need live competition for this until you've got your execution as second nature and can spend the rest of your time thinking about landing the first hit. Go to any meet-ups you can, play online, just get more match-up experience and you'll find what you and your character need to do to get the dmg in the first place. This is one of the best reasons to watch stronger players as well. If you're just blindly watching X top player without a real goal other than "he's cool I want to be like him" you won't get much out of it. But grab a pen and paper and write down interesting set-ups and answers to problems you've had to deal with.
Breaking it down further there will naturally be character specific tips that other people playing that character can help you with. For example with sin, doing dashing beak driver I used to do 66 236[H] (dash then beak driver), but just recently I've switched to 2366[H] (Beak Driver then dash) which made it a lot more consistent. With I-no it took me a while to realize that I had to slow down my motions to get her hoverdash consistently. Little things like that can make some stuff that was nearly impossible, relatively easy. If you know someone that plays the same character ask them for advice or what they did to do the things you want to do. Forums like dustloop are great for this. I know in Xrd there are a lot of live discord character-specific chats you can try to join. The sin one I'm in has been especially helpful.
We have an xrd scene that meets up every Thursday at my place a little west of downtown if you're still in the area and looking for games. Hit me up on twitter.

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