Ask @faysal_nawaz:

Write something about your favorite person on ask ??? 🔥🔥♥️♥️🖤👻🏌🏻

Nauman Mirza
Paas Aao To Tumko Lagayein Gale, Muskurate Ho Kyun Duur Se Dekh Kar
Yunhi Guzre Agar Yeh Jawani Ke Din, Hum Bhi Pachhtayenge Tum Bhi Pachhtaoge. 🙈❤

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Full form of bsdk😂

1. Go to your room.
2. Stand in front of mirror
3. Take Deep Breath
4. Look at you in the mirror.
Congrats you'll see full form of BSDK in mirror.

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Jimmy's mother had many Children. The first was called April, the second was called May. What, was the name of the other ?


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Happy New year 😊 May you have a year filled with love ❤ laughter😊 brightness and hope 😇 Happy 2018 🎊🎉✌

Mian Ali
Happi New Year you too meri jaan ❤

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