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Random thoughts👽

FarXana_ManZoor’s Profile PhotoFarzana ♡_♡
I'm so in love with domestic sweetness.
cooking dinner with the one you love while they wrap their arms around you. taking quick kiss breaks in between folding fresh laundry. washing each other’s hair in the shower. giggling and rolling around in the fresh sheets you both just finished putting on. dusting while showing off your latest dance moves and having your sweetheart show off their vocals.
it’s so comforting to have someone that you just enjoy making a home with. because chores done with someone you love isn’t such a chore after all. 💙

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What does positive energy mean to you?

My mama come to me and said what happened nain? Why are you depressed these days? I said mama everyone is fake. Things are not going well around me. She just hold my hand and said dont worry nain
Literally it took one second for me to realise that i should stand up and rise again. I simply hugged her and said *I LOVE YOU MAMA*❤😘
All i want is k just go to your parents and share your problem whatever it is. It would help you. Parents are gems❤😭

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