Ask @feargm:

Do you know, or do you think you know, who stalks you online and lurks around your online profiles?

I'm sure there is at least someone that I don't know who lurks around my profiles. I wouldn't know the reason, though. If the person's shy or something among those lines there's no reason to be, it's not like it's difficult to talk to me and I'm no one important or special. I'm also pretty open to almost every subject. Usually the people that 'stalk' me end up becoming my friends, too. It's what has happened multiple times in the past.

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What're your current views on the refugee crisis within Europe?

I think it's a really complicated matter since there seems to be no middle ground to it. Blocking the immigrants no matter who they are is just evil, as there are innocent people who deserve help. At the same time however, an amount of terrorists go through with the refugees. According to U.N.H.C.R., 13% of the refugees are women, 12% are children, and 75% are men aged between 19-45. ISIS revealed almost 2 weeks ago that they have smuggled thousands of extremists into Europe. It's only been a few weeks and Germany's already regretting the 'open door' policy to refugees. I don't have the solution for the crisis, but I sure as hell don't want suicidal empathy to ruin Europe.

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