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Pushing daisies and fringe are both a++++++++ shows omg I've never met another person who's liked them both! I like your taste in tv :D

yES fringe is my favorite show ever ever ever i don't think i've ever been more attached to a character than i was to walter bishop. i miss it so much. and pushing daisies was SUCH a cutesy show and lee pace is just !!! and bryan fuller always produces the most amazing shows but they're all cancelled so early on and idk, that makes me very sad.
sorry for the rant and thank you :>

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How do you overcome writers block? I'm trying to find motivation to write my next chapter but I am struggling.

-if you have a cast, look at those people's gifs/photos. that's insanely helpful.
-also, if you're writing romance for instance, watch a cute romance film (or an angsty one if that's more your speed.)
-make a playlist for your stories for when you will be needing inspiration.
-sit yourself down and write. it doesn't have to be perfect. it doesn't even have to be coherent. just put something on paper (or on your screen, probably) and you'll probably be able to go from there.
-sketch your characters (if you're artsy like that. i merely wish i was.)
-think up possible scenarios for your characters and write about those. they don't have to actually end up going into your story. just some exercises for your overworked cute lil brain to get back into writing mode.
-optimally? pet some dogs. dogs are great at bringing out the best emotions in u. hopefully, they could bring back out the fantastic lil writer in u.
hope this helps x

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yess, i'd love that part too i mean you're writing ESSAYS IN DIFF LANGUAGES! which is so so ultimately cool beyond limits of comprehension (in my head). i hope so too, swear i'm going to Hawaii after it and burying myself in the sand. or at least under the covers. Spanish or Chinese are my 1st opts.

aw yes it is indeed the best! i hope you get to vacation to your heart's content, hawaii sounds like heaven right about now. spanish is hella dope and i hear so is chinese (sev is learning it and enjoying herself a lot)

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hahaha! ok I love that!! I really identify with Alice in that which I love hahah their banter really makes me smile and I love it so much. she's so sassy and it's just like looking at a mirror while reading about her lol!! she's my absolute favorite <3

aw haha I'm glad you identify with her. she's a favorite of mine as well :) I think both xander and alice will have a depth to themselves that rhea (and at times caleb) lacked so I'm looking forward to writing more about them!<3

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