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What's the silliest thing you've ever had an existential crisis over?

Love. But is was over 25 years ago. I don't think it will happen anymore. Hopefully!
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Do you have a top 10 of fetishes?

nicoleorkiki’s Profile PhotoNicole DiSciullo
Maybe not really a top 10, but there are some activities that I like more than others. Let' say:
1) Watersports: I like watching and playing, too
2) Lingerie: I love stocking a lot, a little bit less pantyhose
3) 69: It's not a fetish, I know, but still one of my favorite game. I could spent hours doing it.
4) Sexy dress: I appreciate women well dressed. Heels, boots, short skirts, leather, latex...
5) Role Play: Playing with mind before playing with body...
It's a top 5, is it enough ?

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¿Preferirías a una chica con el pelo azul o con el pelo lila?

The question is in Spanish and says: "Do you prefer a girl with blue hair or with purple hair?". I understand Spanish and Italian quite well, but can't write it.
To answer your question, I find blue hair extremely sexy !

Is masturbation a fetish?

Not really a fetish... it is most likely... an art! I've been doing it almost every day for my whole life, regardless if I was into a relationship or not... it is something every human being should be... you can't have good sex if you don't know your own body...
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