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@reachel_n and Elyssa are the most rudest most hypocritical “ grown women” I ever seen on here they pop off on people and demean people but when people clap back and defend themselves they get all salty and pressed YALL ARE BOTH FAKE

reacheln and Elyssa are the most rudest most hypocritical  grown women I ever

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How would you describe your favorite place where you are the happiest ?

My last fav place was comfortable. Bc he truly loved me. I don’t miss him I just miss it after running into the fakest shit I ever experienced in life

Favorite conspiracy theory and why?

Corona. It’s a man made virus to introduce the significance of technology and change the way our government is structured. Pay attention

If I gave you $30,000 and told you /everything/ that belongs to you that is inside the house is mine now. (Clothes, shoes, jewelry, bed, tv, cup, food, laptop EVERYTHING.) Would you take the money?

ImDeanIEscaped’s Profile PhotoSteve R
Nah. All money ain’t good money. I don’t need you. So I’ll get it back time two. You thinking bout to last hoe. I am not her.


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