The last person you were attracted to, what made you attracted to her/him?

I think one of the most things that make me get attracted to him is how he really thinks, what goes in his mind and his attitude towards life. His maturity is everything. I guess that's why i love him.
I don't get easily attached and attracted to someone, also i don't let people in easily (even as friends) and i get bored really really really easily with people that's why i'm not into any "serious relationships".
But, one day this man came into my life then bOomMM!💣😂 I've learned a lot; about life, maturity, happiness.. from him. He is eveything i ever wanted in a man. And now it's been 4 years and eventhough we both can't be together, he's still the one for me, i can't love nobody anymore. :)
Nadia Tanpa Y@andnad26