Hi, my friend told me to sell her books, more like ordered because It feels like I don’t have a choice, I told her, I don’t want to, I’m busy, she won’t take no for an answer, sigh. What should I do? Thank you!

Can I ask for more context on this? Why should *you* be selling *her* books and why can’t you refuse? I’m a little confused lol

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highly doubt people still go here and/or care to even ask me questions, but i'm just gonna publish this to neatly close this account off. i've moved to curiouscat.qa/fdat just cus the UI there is more tolerable. so long and thanks for all the fish!


Do you like romance books? Like, those graphic with sex scenes?

Chicklit novels are the easiest and quickest reads for me so I enjoy them a lot. If I need to forget reality for a couple of hours, get some words swimming in my brain, but not be stressed out, those novels are my go-to. Notice that I said chicklit, not necessarily romance, because I don’t always like the heavy/serious romance books. I enjoy those with more of a contemporary-minded heroine and with witty and funny dialogue. A lot of them have sex scenes but *shrug*. It’s human anatomy anyways so it doesn’t have any shock value for me. Haha

Is it a turn off when a girl says “maganda ako” or “feel ko maganda ako.” Even if she is pretty or what? Thanks!

I wouldn’t necessarily consider confidence a bad thing.

Do you still have a crush on Logan Lerman?

From where I am sitting right now, I can see his photo still pinned on the corkboard on my desk, so that’s very much a yes. Haha

My friend laughed at me when I said I don’t have photographic memory, is she being a toxic friend? Like, sorry, I’m not smart as you. :/ thank you!

“Science hasn't been able to prove the existence of actual photographic memory.” No need to feel bad!
And I don’t want to throw the word toxic around especially for just one thing (that I don’t even have full context of) so I’m inclined to say no.

How would you feel if your friend said your shoes/shirt is “pang-matanda”? Hurt? No big deal?

No big deal. Unless I specifically asked for that friend’s opinion. But even in that case, I wouldn’t be hurt because I asked for it. Regardless, the bottomline is: I dress for myself. :)

Re: The Before Trilogy, yes, it’s so good. It’s about two travelers who meet at a train, you can watch the trailer to see if it’s your liking tho.

I watched the trailers and I’m thoroughly intrigued. It seems right up my alley so I can’t believe this missed my radar? Anyway I know my next Netflix binge now. Merci!

Have you watched The Before Trilogy? (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight.)

I haven’t! I’m ... not sure I watched any movies this year actually lol 💀 Would you recommend it?

About that friend who wants me to sell her books, she doesn’t know how to sell online, she says. And I can’t refuse, because she forcing me and won’t take no for an answer, so I just accept it. She knows I sell my books online and I have experience.

Is it possible for you to ask for some form of compensation, at the very least? For your effort/time/electricity? I know it’s not easy to sell stuff online. Maybe a percentage of the profits? And if she refuses then you can refuse too?

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