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Seen a lot of your work on deviant art and such and really enjoy it. Saw some of the Nude Holo ones and was surprised because most cosplayers are scared to take nude or seni nude photos. Have you ever been scared to takes photos like that, or does it not really phase you?

I don't mind if it's artistic nudity and not suggestive. I wanted to do it for Holo because she is nude at various points in the story (usually before and after a transformation from her real wolf form), and there is a lot of official nude artwork for her. I actually did that shoot with a self-timer, so no one saw lol.

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lol at your ageless answer XD actually dragon*con isn't too comic centric. it has everything! sci-fi, pop culture, comic, anime. not a whole lot of anime, but there were plenty. have to be at least a little tiny bit comic fan though. you did do a Psylocke shoot!

Yeah, I do have a thing for the X-Men series. I'll definitely consider it.

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photogs/cosplayers you look up to?

Photogs: Mike Boike, Angelwing, Majin Buchoy, Martin Wong, Zanarkand Babes, Update Required, Dizzy Photography, Sorairodays Photography, AndrewHitc, Sang Le Cosplay Photography, Chris Kwock Photography, Ken AD Photography, Beethy, Ryan Bourque Photography, White Lily Photography, GQBravo
Cosplayers: Yuurisans Cosplay, Nikki Cosplay, Foxy Cosplay, Cinnabunny, Luvnatsu, Yashafluff, Uncanny Megan, Sorayomi, Vesta777, Lycorisa, Mervina Cosplay, Tanzoir, Itsuki-chan Cosplay, Sarahkitty Cosplay, Thunderbolt, Nulyu, Ayriath, XWhiteRussia Cosplay, Fudgie, Kurosaki Tenjoin, Fairy Panda, Kayla Erin, Aurum Cosplay, Sheena Duquette, Shirokii Cosplay
I could probably add more, but I'm getting tired of typing lol

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Do not have a 3DS? would be great to play pokemon together sometime, unlike you.. Jolteon is my favorite.

Well, I've been using my sister's 3DS. I haven't used it much since school's started though. Hopefully there's a good deal on Black Friday so I can buy one at a decent price. I'm still not used to this new pokemon generation xD. I was so good at Diamond/Pearl too, but then they added 100+ pokemon, and I haven't remembered their names/stats yet.

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