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would you rather have 3 arms or 3 legs? Imagine all the cool/freaky things you could do with an extra limb. Where would you place it? Imagine all the clothing you couldn't wear without adjustments. If you refuse to get a third arm/leg the mad scientist hacks off all your appendages so think wisely.

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
3 arms for sure. It'd make me godlike at game mechanics :O

Do you like tattoos? On yourself? On other people? Are they cool? Dumb? Have mixed thoughts? Why so? If you were forced to get a visible tattoo or get Damiya'd to death, what would be? Where would it be? And why (would it be)?

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
I don't mind tattoos too much. I'd never want to get one, mostly because if I ever changed my mind about wanting it then I'd be sorta screwed, and because I'd have to get older and start getting all wrinkly and stuff with it still there. On other people I think they can look cool though. If I absolutely had to get a tattoo I think I could live with that, I'd probably make it something funny.

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What do you think about falling in love on the internet? Good? Bad? Dumb? Why? Can you see it happening to you? How can you love someone you've never met before? Most people I see doing this have never held actual relationships before.

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
It's possible, but if you do so because you're just desperate to get into a relationship then it will fail 100%. If you get into one because you met someone and just happen to like them, and not because you just want some sort of relationship in general, then it can work, but not being able to be with them physically sucks.

Is there anything you used to love to do, but don't anymore? What was it and why did you stop?

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
I had an Xbox 360 I used to use all the time during high school. I never took it with me to college and now I'm part of the pc master race

what is your fav thing to eat :) mind if i spam ur wall im bored

I haven't had any in a very long time, but my favorite food is crab.
More recently I've become really addicted to wasabi peas o.o

nope to which? by the way how come u like fizz so much? i'm terrible at him

They aren't from GD. And I'm not really sure. I like cute things and he's really fun to play, although after a couple thousand games or so as him I mostly just play every champ now even though I mostly suck at everyone else :P

were you and Tundra together, or you still are?

We were up until around late November of last year. I've tried really hard to stay friends with him, but after my last attempt at doing so about a week ago I've decided that it's just impossible and that I'm not going to bother wasting any more effort on it.

What are 3 things that make you happy? (Things that don't relate to each other preferably.)

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
1. Seeing my boyfriend happy
2. Seeing my clients at work happy.
3. Feeling of accomplishment when I finish one of my goals in FFXIV

What is one thing you could not live without? (Electronics are not options.)

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
I have a pretty bad caffeine addiction, so any sort of caffeinated drinks probably. :o

What kind of tea you like?

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
I like all kinds, but my favorites are oolongs. More specifically I like Taiwanese oolongs. I still have a lot of types I have to try still but my favorites out of those so far are Shan Lin Xi oolongs.

Can you identify every trait you have that is superior to Tundra Fizz?

I don't really consider myself superior to him o.o

are you ashamed of anything you like?

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
Pretty much anything related to my sexuality or sexual interests I'm not particularly fond of having. I tend to also pick up really weird hobbies and sometimes it's weird talking about them. As an example I sometimes practice speedsolving Rubik's cubes.

give a tldr aboutyourself

Colonel_J’s Profile PhotoColonel J
I'm a 21 year old that recently graduated with a major in psychology. I work at a group home for people with mental disabilities and my spare time is generally spent playing games and drinking a lot of tea! :O

do you still talk to tundra? how are things between you and him?

fouronenoob’s Profile Photo41noob
We don't talk that often nowadays but I think he's doing better. I just sent him something in the mail that he asked for and included like $50 worth of extra tea I had lying around with it, lol. He should get that today I'm pretty sure.

how are you doing these days?

fouronenoob’s Profile Photo41noob
I'm doing pretty well! I'm mostly playing FF14 and talking with my friends from there. I have one issue I'm dealing with atm but it's pretty creepy and I'd rather not talk about that here >_>

Do you work for/with Riot? I've always wanted to know.

SharbyWoof’s Profile PhotoSharbyWoof
Nope. I volunteered to work on a thing with Tamat once but it never ended up getting finished.

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