Ask @fky007: Tbh- Ur first dp✨ -A good guy i have ever seen. -Answers are on point.🌸 -Best liker🖤 Stayyyy happy....

Alizeh Bangash.
Dera manana AB 🌸😂
Those three Ys in "stay" happy express your well wishes 😂
Bas pa khushalay de rala kheta marha krha os sehri na kom. (Bya khalak wayi pyar se pait nahi bharta) 😂
Ao da "rcr" sa di da ba rata kala waye? 😛

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Do you think people deserve a second chance?

naila jutt
Ramadan Mubarak ❤
Ramadan feels are unexplainable! There's emotion, purity, piety, a new wave of positive energy. ⚡ Also the schedule and the events throughout the day. Taraweh, khatm ul Quran, waking up whole nights. Everything is just so beautiful! 💚
P.s i so badly miss a few people and want to talk to them but unfortunately it's not possible for some obvious reasons. I hope they'll be doing as good as they were the previous Ramadan and the one before that!

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