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What happened to Vintage Flame? Has he been banned from writing on FN?

Actually VF had to step back for personal reasons. Blogging can be a demanding mistress, which is so few people can actually do consistently over a long period of time.

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I have beena curious what is up with seiloff. How the development of guys down in abby, like granlund is going. Also what you think is going to happen with all our college prospects this season witmany graduating or appear ready to move on.

what happened to janko???

nothing, really.

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Why oh sweet Jesus why can we not sit or waive mcgrats? B jones proved tonight that had we played him and bouma and backs on a line we could be rolling 4 successful lines...

see above/below

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How much wood would a klimchuck chuck if a klimchuck could chuck wood?


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Why are fans of the Flames franchise so defensive of Face Punchers, or make excuses for them when they are visibly and quantifiably bad?

i don't think it's just the flames' fan base. face punchers provide "excitement", plain and simple.

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Chances Monahan goes to wjc?

If Backlund does get traded, to where and what kind of a return could we possibly see?

i'm going to say detroit for a mid-round draft pick.

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Most impressive prospect thus far?

other than the two nhlers gotta go with gaudreau.

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pocket dogs are awful. Agree or disagree?

boo this man

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What is your opinion on the people who spent money to go see the jersey unveil? Super cool, or totally awesome?

awesome obvs

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Do superheros exist?

Why does Hartley make so many stupid roster moves?

idk. it baffles me as well.

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Gio for team canada?

can't see it, imo.

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What is bookofloobs real name?

his real name is butts

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Will the flames look to trade or offer sheet another rfa in the iff season to speed up the rebuild

Will all their cap space and with Burke in the organization, a trade wouldn't surprise me. Probably not an offer sheet tho - the team is likely still smarting from the O'Reilly fiasco.

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What is a reasonable and likely return for the Flames pending free agents this year? (Stajan, Cammy, Stemp, Butler (ha) etc.

Will depend highly on their performance. Of those guys, probably only Cammalleri gets you first round pick back. If Stempniak continues to be top-notch, he might get you a couple of 2nds or something. Butler and $2.00 gets you a coffee at Starbucks.

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Could the Flames, due to Burke's Involvement, be looking to Poach from TML? such as Phaneuf, JVR, or JMLiles?

They could get Liles very easily because the Leafs want to get rid of him. JVR I doubt is up for grabs and Phaneuf will only go if they can't re-sign him.

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Over under on svens pts this year 45?

That's optimistic I'd say. I'd put it at 30.

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When will they just waive butler #terrible

I think Butler will stick for this season, but without a big swing upwards they'll walk away from him next year.

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Shoukd the third pairing be called o'butler because fans should conserve the oxygen that pair is wasting

3rd pairings are meant to be hated I think. The worst defender on the club is almost always one of the least popular players with the fans. So, yes.

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Will big ern get more that 3 goals?

Probably not. He's never scored 3 goals at the NHL level, let alone more than 3. If he does, let's hope they all come against the Oilers.

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do you see any of the youngsters getting significant powerplay time under Hartley?

I think Baertschi will get a chance at some point, assuming his play warrants it. He was dangerous in Washington and one the best pure offensive talents on the team.

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Will Iggy ever retire as a Flame?

I really doubt it. The ship has sailed.

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@thefanblogger was saying that Baertschi is on the block and will be traded before Christmas. Who do you think he'll be traded to and for who?

Haha, uh, Find that HIGHLY unlikely. one and nothing.

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