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You and 9 coworkers all put up 50 dollars to buy a television for the breakroom. You find out that the money was used for an outing that you weren't invited to. Do you ask for your money back, (even though the money is spent) or will you just distance yourself from them from now on?

I'd just pop all there tires that seems fair

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This girl rather use other sources of communication then responding to my messages I’ll send them and it’ll take her forever she doesn’t text me all day what should I do should I leave or stay to continue with what she’s doing

Don't text her back and see if she even cares enough to text you back

Why does my crush look at me when I'm kinda far but when I get closer he won't look at me but when I start to pass him he turns my way?


Do you decorate your porch or patio?

I usually don't but if you want to give me some decor advice I'll give it a try

Do you think it is weird to go to alone to a cemetery with a married coworker of the opposite sex and also being in a relationship already themselves?

As long as you keep it on a actual friend basis no


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