Ask @flirty_nimo:

@abbas520 report this id he is using abusive language

Ni yar report this id wala chutiyapa latay kahan sy ho? Wo bi anon bn kar 😂😂 Tbvh agar asay hi tum logon k khny py sbko report krti rahi na to end py bs mjy ask py sirf apni hi id show honi 😂😂
*btw uski id mei kuch aisa nahi nazar aa rha mjy k usko report kia jaye 😊

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I have been stalking you for a while now.😍😍 Wanted to ask😻😻 something but couldn't gather🙌 courage to ask directly for this.🙇 I don't know how to put it💕. But I can't resist any more.💟✌ Don't get angry.💯 Don't ignore me👌. It'll be killing.😱Kia Gas A rahi Apkay ghar ..

A L E E M OO~♥~
Hahaha yeh qs acha tha 😂
Btw ni g gas ni aa rae, but han peit mein bhtt gas hai yar 😂😂

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