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That's fine, I'm just extremely thankful :) Also I always gain weight on my stomach and I do cardio a lot it never helps! Also I wanted to knwk what I can do at the gym to get a lovely figure like you and what about protein? Thanks! Xx

Try to steer clear from processed foods and white carbs! I have the same problem, most girls do, we put weight on our tummy unfortunately. Keep it up!

So I actually am thinking about cancelling my gym membership because most of what I do I can do outside of the gym. I go for a run 3 times a week and then I do skipping and ab workouts as well. I take TPW whey protein and Burn Bullets as a fat burner, as well as green tea tablets every morning. XXX

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What would you recommend to eat to a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs and wants to gain weight whilst toning up? I also needed help in what to do at the gym? I'm damn confused. Thanks

Hey honey, sorry it's taken me so long, I've been so busy! Oh it's a shame you don't like eggs, but you can get protein from sprouting seeds, seeds and nuts, as well as oils! Hope that helps x

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Is it ethical to eat meat?

In my eyes, yes

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not a question, but a kind word. I absolutely adore your attitude towards things, your positivity, your general self. you seem like a wonderful human being and I, as I'm sure do many, admire what you offer. you are kind and generous, amongst everything. a truly beautiful and inspiring human! x

I am so touched, I read this 4 days ago but haven't responded yet because I like to keep reading it over and over. Thank you so much, it makes the world of difference getting messages like this.

And remember, you must be too, if you're taking the time to write this to me! :-) Have a good day and thank you again XXX

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Aw, you have such a great and inspiring blog. my question is, I suffer from bloating very easily. take one bite of crappy bad for you foods and I'm bloated for 2-3 days. its painful, especially waking up with it. any remedies or advice you can offer? thanks xx

I can relate to this so much. I used to think I was allergic to every food because whenever I ate something I would be bloated and so uncomfortable. I started drinking "Your Tea's Tiny Tea" (look up on google!) and (I swear this isn't a plug, they aren't paying me!!) I cannot thank this tea enough. I have one before every meal and I have noticed such a difference in my bloating activities hah.

But do check with your doctor that you're not allergic to anything, like wheat. I know I can't really eat pizza because it makes me bloat loads, but I went to my doctor and I'm not allergic to gluten, so I just avoid it anyway. There's nothing worse than feeling like you just need to stick a pin in ya!

Also, this sounds gross, but if your bowels aren't regular that could be the reason. Take some lactulose in the mornings and this will help - loads of people I know take it trust me! But generally, just avoid bad food that's the answer, it's staring you right in the face :-) xx

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Hey Flo :) I get really stuck with ideas for breakfast and lunch. I've began eating the same things over and over, every day. I love porridge that's the thing! And lunches, well, a salad can be a little boring. Any ideas on how to make them a bit more exciting? xx

Hey doll! Oh I'm absolutely the same, I get stuck in a rut of chicken and roasted vegetables, I need to move on!!
Breakfast - I switch between porridge and eggs. So with porridge you can have SO many different toppings, which is why it doesn't get boring for me, shout if you need any tips with this. Then eggs I love them done all ways, scrambled, poached, fried etc, so that keeps it interesting I guess.

Lunch - I only really eat chicken, sausages and ham and obviously eggs, so I like to make Spanish tortillas with different fillings, or soup is one of my absolute favourites, or chicken with roasted veggies, or sweet potato and fillings, or pitta bread with filling, or fillet of fish with leeks, I love quinoa and couscous so I have that with pretty much everything. Stir fry is easy and you can change that by choosing different sauces i.e. soy, black bean etc. There's so much you can do, but a lot of it is just changing the flavours. Also looking around the internet you can find some great, easy recipes so that's worth doing.

Hope that helps XX

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Hi Florence, lovely blog. If I'm not mistaken, you're in a 'long distance' relationship, correct? Well, as am I, and it's struggle. As well as being healthy physically, I would like to mentally too. How do you keep positive in your relationship? How do you trust the other person? Any advice overall?

Hello love! Oh I can relate to you so much! For the past 3 years I've been in two long distance relationships, the first one with a guy who actually lived in the Ukraine / London so that was quite long! I'm now in a year long relationship with someone who's at uni in Portsmouth. I think without trust a relationship just doesn't work, so as hard as it might be, especially if their at uni and you're not, you just have to trust them! I'm lucky, my boyfriend is just about to finish his finals and then we're moving in together, so I have him all to myself finally haha. My top three tips to staying positive about it are...

1. Always know when you're next going to see them, i.e. book a train in advance (saves money as well!), book it off work, plan what you're going to do together etc, then you have something to look forward to and you can count down the days!
2. Keep busy, there's no point in pining over them all day every day, you've got a life too! See your friends, work hard, exercise, socialise etc etc.
3. Don't talk that much during the day, but FaceTime/Skype at night. My absolute favourite is FaceTiming my boyfriend just before I go to sleep, and catching up on what's been happening during the day.

I hope this helps, it's what helps me :-) But don't get me wrong, I'm not always this positive about it, in fact I do get down quite a bit about it! But it's nearly the end now, thank god. Thanks for getting in contact :-)

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hey Florence! I don't think you replied to my question but how would reccomend to gain weight healthily and tone up... In terms of gym, exercise, running, etc and FOOD. Haha. Btw lovely website and insta

Hi, sorry I've only just seen it! Ah good question, I'm kinda trying to do the same really, as I don't want to lose weight because I'm naturally slim. I don't claim to be a nutritionist so this is all off personal feedback ok?

So the main thing is your diet. I eat a lot of protein (chicken, eggs, fish, but not very much red meat at all really) and I do eat a lot of grains such as couscous and quinoa. Obviously veggies and fruit are important as well. I make sure I have 6 meals a day, so breakfast, then a mid morning meal, then lunch, then mid afternoon meal, then dinner, then a small snack after dinner.

The gym- you want to build a bit of muscle, but you also need to lose body fat in order to see those muscles, especially if you're a girl because we tend to have a bit more fat around our bellies than men (so unfortunate hah)! So I would recommend cardio 2 or 3 times a week, running around a field is better than on a treadmill (personally think so anyway) and skipping is also so good for you (check out my blogpost on it!). I cycle because I can't run for long distances due to having back surgery, but adapt your workout to what works best for you. Then the main thing you want to be concentrating on is weight training. This involves concentrating on a certain set of muscles each time you go to the gym. For example, Monday can be bum day, where you do weighted squats, lunges, kick backs etc. Tuesday can be ab day, where you use cables to do curls, or you do russian twists etc. And so on, don't forget your arms! I see so many girls in my gym who have amazing bums and legs but their arms are like twiglets hahah.

I hope this helps a little bit. X

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What's your boyfriend situation? How did you meet him? Are you guys going to move in?

I've been with my boyfriend for over a year, we met at work, we're moving in together in August.

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Suffering with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating and I was just wondering if there is anything you can recommend for me to 'stay on track', I am very interested in eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle but I just cant seem to stick to it.

Personally, I don't want to be the one to give you advice, just because I'm not a professional i.e I'm not a trained doctor, nutritionist etc. If you actually want decent advice, please have a look at Vicki Edgson Nutrition on Google and maybe book in with her for a consultation, she's the best in the industry by far!

What I would say is you need to find the triggers which make you "fall off the track", is it stress, is it unhappiness, is it loneliness, despair etc? Find out what that is, then when it strikes you'll know that that's when you're likely to binge. It's not a diet change, it's a lifestyle change, so you need to make sure those around you are on board too. Keep motivated by following other people and their story. Always have food prepared and healthy snacks on hand so you don't find yourself bingeing. But ultimately seeing a nutritionist will help loads!

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I was wondering how realistic it is to lose 2 stone before August. I really am 100% determined. As well as eating healthy what would you reccommend?

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! If you start now, and you're really strict you could lose a fair amount, but 2 stone is quite a lot. It also depends on what your current weight it, what your current exercise regime is like and what your current diet is like as well. It's very dependent.

You absolutely have to get your diet right. That's the first thing to start on. Once that's cracked then you need to be doing weight training and cardio, preferably cardio outside like a run around the park rather than on the treadmill. Or skipping, like in my last blog post. X

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I've just recently just come across your blog and it's amazed me at the simplicity you've spoken both and again it bought me to question myself about what sort of weight training to do and how much it alongside cardio? I run on the treadmill and cross trainer but I wondering if I need any more of ca

Hello! Ok so I don't know what your aims are, whether they're to lose weight or tone up or both? I do more weight training than cardio. Once a week I will go for a run outside. Then twice a week in the gym I'll do 30minutes of cycling on level 11. Then the rest of the time I go to the gym I do weight training. I hope this has helped a little?

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What's your template called on your blog?

My Tumblr or Blogspot?

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I read your blog and how did you manage a pathetic 5K without stopping? I'm a frequent runner and I can't run for longer than 2-4 mins on a treadmill without going for interval running. What is your secret Florence?

I kept a steady pace, which I think is the key. I also really concentrate on my breathing otherwise my chest gets really tight. I'm also very aware of people watching me so I don't want to look pathetic hahaha! Can't believe I just admitted that! Interval running is supposedly better for you than a long steady run! If you do 1 minute of running at speed 10.5, then incline walk at pace 6 for 2 minutes then you burn fat a lot faster! Running on a treadmill is also very different from running outside. I would recommend going for a run outside and stick to weight training in the gym! X

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Thanks again! Erm, I was just wondering what sort of 'exercises' to do? Because I can do squats, star jumps, etc but I always hear do exercises from all blogs but I'm never too sure. Oh thanks, I stopped drinking fizzy, alcohol and surprisingly it's helping lol. Also do body pump classes help?

I do a lot, I am planning on posting an exercise post at some point but not quite yet. Body pump classes are great. Any class where you raise your heart rate and you use weights are fab, as long as you push yourself as much as you can and don't do a half hearted effort!
Squats, lunges, weight training, cables etc and skipping rope, running (outdoors) and HIIT are all things I love and use to work for a good bod! X

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What is your makeup and hair daily routine? Btw you should totally go back to your old hair miss it babe xxx

Uhhh I tend not to wear foundation if my skin is quite clear because I know foundation is a vicious cycle with bad skin! So then I wear some YSL bronzer and Bare Minerals finishing powder. Eyebrows by Benefit and mascara is Bare Minerals! That's about it! Then I literally just wash my hair and leave it, I don't dry it and I don't straighten it. Very boring!
Thank you! I'm just trying out a bob at the moment, I like it a bit longer, my short hair makes me look a bit butch I think! XX

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Ah thank you! That helped a lot. Right, I just wanted to tone up but loose a lot of tummy fat :/ I get confused because I want to loose the 'fat' but not loose massive amount of weights in general. Would you say changing my eating habits as such? Sorry if I'm asking so many questions :lol

Without knowing what you do on a daily basis I can't advise too much. But I would say you need to be eating a balanced diet and incorporating at least 1 hour of exercise 6 times a week, with one rest day. Try to cut out sugar as much as possible. Drink lots of water and green tea. Do weight training. X

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I was wondering what sort of exercises, cardio, etc you do at gym? I'm quite slim and I really wasted to 'get fit' and you seemed like the perfect motivation. THanks!

I train a different part of my body every day and do high intensity cardio in-between different exercises. So if you're quite slim you won't want to be losing weight, but toning up right? My gym routine for today, for example, will be abs. I'll use the cables to do pull downs, then knee to chest, sit ups, leg throws, weighted dips, etc and then I'll use a skipping rope for 5 minutes, run on an incline of 6% at speed 10 for 5 minutes and/or cycle on level 11 for 5k in between exercises. I hope this helps. Follow people on Instagram and you'll find some good exercises, or hold tight and there will be a post soon.

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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?

Yes, obviously!

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