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Share the songs you are listening to at the moment.

One of the most uplifting track from the sound track of one of the greatest movies ever made IMHO. (this clip it ties too is wonderful as well)
This is a great cover of one of my favs
I roamed into odd genres of music over the years. I found fantasy metal and I have accepted a good deal of it. Nightwish was my first band I still like their works.
And to follow all that down with some awesome track from James Paget

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It's September 11. Share a memory of this fateful day?

Real talk time.
Some people here can remember 9/11. More I bet was too young to really remember it properly. A few might not have been born then.
I do remember clearly that whole day. I was not in NYC, but my older Brother was.
You see, until that day, things were going well for me and my family. My parents were out of state going on their much needed late season vacation. So I and my dog had the run of the house and I was running my family business by myself.
It was a clear blue sky that day and the air was comfortable. I would have slept in if it wasn't my dog's need to go outside and do her business in the back yard. I didn't even turn the TV on until I got a call from my folks earlier than normal. They told me to turn on the TV and change it to the news station.
That was when I saw the first tower on fire. That startled me, because I knew my brother was working in the other tower at the time. I was eating breakfast when I saw the second plane hit the other tower.
THAT was no accident. An ice cold, hard as steel fear grabbed me as I realized that impact was more or less where I though my brother was working at.
Right then and there I thought I saw my brother get killed and there was nothing I can do.
Even though to the fear and disbelieve of what was happening, I still did my job in keeping the company running. I even ran down to the post office to get the mail, all the while keeping the radio on and up. By then, every station, TV and radio was locked into covering the attack.
The drive felt like it lasted forever. I heard about the Pentagon hit while on the road. I damn near thought a foreign nation was doing a preemptive military attack on us and WW3 just started.
When I got home, I saw the towers collapse.
That was it. I though my brother was dead and I would never get his body back to even bury him. Let that sink in for a moment. .....That day my happier times ENDED. It changed me forever.
The only good news I got later was my brother was indeed alive and fine. He got out in time. Too many of his co-workers didn't.
All planes besides the military jets and choppers were grounded. I saw a sky free of contrails for the first time. Fully armed F-15 fighter jets patrolled over my city for the first time.
This world changed forever. I can still remember how it once was.....
This day is important. It must be remembered for those who died and what really went on then.
I will never forget it as long as I live.
Have some music. Don't forget this September day...

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