Ask @fluffbringer:

Many professors can't explain whether soul exists as such, and if it exists, then what is it and where is it located. Do you think there is soul and if so, where is it located?

This is a long and complex question. I'll shorten it down a bit. I know souls exist, although I don't think animals and non humans have them. I would never really know about that in the end. I think the soul is defused across your body, but mainly anchored in your mind.

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Im currently in college studying for graphic design because I love art, but I'm just very dissapointed with a graphic designers salary, I love the design and art field but I want to make more than a 40 to 48k average, what do I do?

Either get better at it to demand more, try to talk to your bosses for more of a pay increase, or you might have to look for another place that pays better.

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