Ask @fluffbringer:

What do you think about vegans who feed their dogs vegan dog food? Do they have the right to force their diet on their carnivorous pets? BQ: I've seen vegans say they don't trust meat eaters to look after their pets but would you trust a vegan to look after your dog properly, in terms of feeding??

Real talk time.
To me, knowingly forcing dogs onto vegan diets is animal cruelty. Yes, I know dogs can eat veggies, but that shouldn't be their whole diet. Dogs are created to have a far more meat based diet than humans eat. Also, I know some owners can't always afford a true and proper diet for their dogs, but removing meat completely form them is just wrong!
I've owned dogs for nearly my whole life and I loved every one of them. Anyone who abuses dogs on purpose are bad people.
As for Vegans, well, everyone I knew who told me they were, was either a militant zealot and was an asshole about it, or was ... well, kinda odd sort. Some alright, others not so much. My sister in law tried being a basic vegetarian, but couldn't hack it pass two years. If a vegan is bigoted to normal people, then the vegan is the problem here.

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