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Yaar i have many friends even close ones. But i am tired of talking. I feel so lonely regardless

Sometimes you can’t share what you are feeling with someone close to you
But that doesn’t mean you should bottle up your emotions you need to let your emotions out it’s helps in moving on
See the thing is simple; things happened is past are a part of past you need to focus on your present instead of mourning over your past, your present will define you and your future you need to make peace with whatever is bothering you
Plus You don’t really have to feel lonely you have friends; friends who will do anything for you so put your trust in them and explain your problem if they don’t get you find a stranger and let it out honestly speaking this helps a lot (if nothing works namaaz parho or lambe lambe sajde kero you won’t have to explain yourself because HE already knows what’s in your heart)
I know you are giving your best but I need you to give your 100 %
You are bound to achieve your goals
I believe in you
You believe in yourself
You have got this
And you will get through this InshahAllah no matter what
More power to you 🌸

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