Ask @francesmatoto:

f yeah! omg you and your sassyness is mint soliddd! <3 lol you fly af my girl. no im not playing bee. Tell me about it ahha omg my girl! hahahah

hahahaha our sassyness be on point bee! ughh have soo much to study for -.- lol, ill be off soon or maybs not hahahah all nght grind be looking like a zombie tomorrow -.- hahaha, bee please give me your smart brain to use!! :( xxx

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haha, na yeah i am :( lol but oh well! you are too. :* girl dont tripp. lol, love you too bee! yes omg!! omg yes you know we should! or run/walk haha slow walk ;) hehe ayingggggggg

hahaha girl its called sassy bee at its finest! hahaha, lets both not trip lol. omg haha yes girl maybe i like the slow one ;) yaknow? taking if slow first hahahahaha ew. lol but yes girl! when you're ready just hit me up, lol ugh school is soo much right now. im soo over it :'(

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