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What do you Think about The Orignial TRoC Game Called: "The Return of Creation: Chapter One: The Broken Melody"?

That Game takes place after Story Mode. All of the Ignited Ones, Creation, And Endo R&F are burned down at the story mode. Except Endo C And B. There is a Non Ignited One Named: Pal. He Didn't Burned down. Creation went to the body of the endo-Skeleton to turn back to the Ignited Ones. TheManiacMartian Post a Teaser that is a Green light and a hand. That might There will be a Remake of TRoC:TBM. The Return of Creation: Memory is on hold for a little while. be ready guys.

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LEGOFranco! In The Joy of Creation: Reborn, There are characters Named: "Phantasmagoric Ignited Freddy & Phantasmagoric Ignited Foxy." Will They Return to your Game: TRoC:M?

Yes. They are returning to my game. They are canon to my Game, But Not Nikson's Game: The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection. They are not Canon to his Game.

What Modes will "The Return of Creation: Memory" have?

-Story Mode
-Endless Mode
-Easy Mode
-Normal Mode
-Hard Mode
-Extreme Mode
-Chapter 3 Hard Mode
-Basement Run Mode
-Survival Mode
-MultiPlayer Mode

What do you think About Glowstick Entertainment?

i think didn't like the company, Because i like making horror Games, but they are related to FNAF Fangames and TJoC Games. I just don't want to work at that Company. I Just Want to be make FanGames that are Related To "FNaF & TJoC." But I Have a NEW Company that's coming very soon. i don't want to spoil the studio name. That will be a Secret I Can't talk About.
(Besides, I don't like Dark Deception.)

Hey LEGOFranco! In "The Return of Creation: Memory" it will Take Place in The Cartoon and TJoC Universe, But will it Take Places in an Alternete Universe or an Fictional Universe?

It will take place in the Fictional Universe.
The Try-dooms, Emperor Enoch, & The Demons from Ninjago will return from they're story in the New Cartoon TJoC Storyline Game.
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When will "The Return of Creation: Memory" Coming Out?

Whenever it's Ready and Finish. :) The Game will come at "PC" and Android And IOS. (I Don't know if The Game Comes to Consoles and Moblies. But We'll See about that very soon.) But i got some bad News. "The Return of Creation: Memory" Is Delayed until 2022 or Sometime 2023. But don't worry, we're still working on it. Stay tune, Everyone. We will always know what Micheal Says: "Stay Tune, Folks... Ha ha ha ha ha ha - Micheal.
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What exactly do you want these days?

-The LEGO Movie Sets
-LEGO Minecraft Sets
-The LEGO Movie 2 Sets
-LEGO Ninjago Sets
-New FNaF FanGames On Consoles & Moblie Devices.
-New Action Games and Horror Games.
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