Ask @frankhjwx:

What tools do you use to make storyboards, and can you make a storyboard tutorial video with those tools?

Sorry for not noticing this earlier, I mainly use Photoshop for image processing, handwrite a few commands to make sure the coordinates, for the more complicated stuffs, I use C++ as a coding tool to generate the codes. I'll consider about storyboard tutorial video later, but not now lol.

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I'm mapping this ctb 5-6 map and its starting to get a little too hard for me to map it :| should I ask people for a colab or should i just map something easier ?>

uhh it depends on your ability to play. I mean if you are able to fc maps with 4 stars and can pass and feel the flows around 5-6, you can give it a try. If you are just a noob player like me, map platter or rain as a practice will be a better choice >_>

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