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Everyone hates me. I want to die

Okay sorry again for taking a while to reply I was getting my life sorted out. But honestly babe not ever body hates you! Yeah not everyone with like or love you but nobody is perfect, you shouldn't feel like this because in reality it gets you no where, please try and get help, to stop feeling like this. I can't help you, I can only give you advise and a boost of self confidence but people remember. You are loved by so many, please stop feeling like that.<3

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Why do I feel like cuttings the only way out? I want to tell people I need help but the world is a judge full place and I know people judge me even if they accident see my cuts even if I don't know them. Why do people think cutting is okay?

Sorry this is so late to answer and I haven't been on in ages, but I'm back now and I just want you to know yes this world is filled with people.who will judge you but you can fins the ones who don't and who care. Cutting or hurting yourself is honestly never the answer. Cutting will never be "okay" because most people have their reasons and need help. You are never alone, chin up

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Would you care if someone you really dont like or hate commited?

yes i would feel like it was my fault. taking your own life must be hard and to tell the truth i would never be able to do that infact the only way i could is to walk in front of a car/bus something like that. nobody should ever feel that bad/depressed/alone or whatever to take their own life so yea i would care.

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Why does everyone take the piss out of me about something I didn't even do? I come home crying cause of it! I hate going to school now cause I'm scared to say anything incase they start to shout it at me:( It just hurts me so much I can't do this anymore.. I'm sorry

aw babes life is a bitch, some people are bitches, everyone always needs someone to take the mick out of because it happens to them too. i get you never done it yourself but you can't go back in time and not tell anyone, be proud of who you are today it was you who done it! he did ok because you are so beautiful
please don't cry please
crying won't help to be honest with you babes.
nobody will shout at you ad if they do shout right back at them standing up for yourself is not a bad thing it is better than sitting their sad and feeling lonely.
you can do this ok, don't be sorry but you are strong and beautiful remeber that,
~hold on pain ends~
stay strong beautiful your not alone im always here xxx

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Go on my page xoxox

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babes stay strong, honestly you are better than this. you should stand tall with your chin up and your middle finger higher so haters are gonna hate don't scoop down to their level and reply to the hate,screenshot it for proof, delete it and forget about it because we both know you don't need this ad adam is just a tool so just ignore him
chill with cutting
don't answer the hate because it just makes other people join in, is that what you want? no i didn't think so
im always here
stay strong beautiful <3

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are you better now?

im going to be honest with you now
i thought i was cured
cured from pain
cured from crying
cured from everything
i thought all of my problems were gone but..
i was wrong.
yesterday i realized that im not cured, i didn't get help and i still don't have help now?, i cry most days and i feel like i have to self harm again, i feel so alone. im not cured yet not from pain, not from crying and not from anything so no im not better. i can't tell anyone how i feel to their faces in case they judge me or say im doing this for attention but im not, im upset all of the time and sore all the time because im starving myself again so the answer to your question is no im not better:(

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