i have an EatingDisorder Self harm Suicidal Social anxiety and Im depressed ,and Iv been though all this hell for 4 years now,and its hard to Fake a smile now,and i Just cant go on Living like This,my life Consists on Lies and Hospitals and Therapy,I'm feed up

don't ever give up i was depressed to i know it is hard, you probably have been through hell for years but that is life lots of people in this world and only some can be helped. i had to fake a smile i still do sometimes i know how you feel you just wan't to burst in to tears and tell them what's happening in your life i know but trust me you CAN go on living like that you have to. if your life consists on lies i also know how that feels. don't lie tell the truth and speak up people will listen and they will still be there for you. hospitals and therapy well im not going to lie i don't really know how that feels you will get through it but please realize you're not alone so don't self harm don't feel suicidal be a strong person and think of good thoughts. believe in yourself<3 stay strong

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