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So me & this girl have dated 4 times over 3 yrs, every time we date it's for about 6 months. We broke up 8 months ago. We are really good friends now, we even went to prom after the last time we broke up. How do I tell if she still likes me? Should we date? If we date again how do I keep us going?

That’s up to you if you like this girl keep getting her the attention she deserves if you want her then try winning her back

If your previous gf/bf wanted to get back together with you and have a fresh start would you?

Did that and regret it so no

[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color Underwear right now? _ [7] Last kiss? _ [8] last hug? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] Kisses or Cuddles

Yes I’m single
Being able to be with someone who loves you
A year ago
Couple days ago
No one

should i get back w my ex?

Well whatever your heart tells you , do what you want that’s all up to you I mean personal for me if he cheated then he can screw his self but if you guys left on good terms etc then go for it girl or guy


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