Ask @friendsareamazing1:

Being there and telling me the truth. And understanding me. And being my best friend and my best pbht friend. You mean a lot to me and I'm glad we met. Thank you for the advice. 💞💯

aye luv you too but not as much as i luv him. 😉 U mean a lot to me too. thx for all of your amazing advice. ou have helped me through so much and i really appreciate it. thx for being my best PBHT friend. 💖

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@ rosemmaly_williams

O yeah
That's cause she helped me out a lot during first period Jackson ta second semester which might I add was lit AF
Shout out to Katelyn for helping me so much and hope ur getting better
Miss your superb pickle ball sounds and those hot ass muscles
U give amazing hugs and advice
I miss u like hell
Ok I'm not supposed to cuss but oops
No words can describe our weird ass convos
Thx for being such an amazing friend to me even tho I probably wasn't that good of one

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