Ask @froam:

Do you think tank junglers will be stronger now with the new jungle item or will they still be outclassed by strong early game junglers like Lee, Vi, and Panth? If not, which junglers do you think will be strong with the next patch?

can't be sure if tank junglers like mundo, nautilus will shine again, but i'm really looking forward to try and play them.
i like tanking

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how are scrims in eu? not how well you're doing but more, do teams surrender early on often? Do you play one bo5 a day? Does the other team ever have team discussions in the middle of scrims?

when i was playing in korea, i feel kind of honored when the other team surrenders early on.
because it's like saying "we meesed up our early game too much and we think you wouldn't fail so much to allow us to comeback into this game with that much advantage we gave you which we shouldn't have."
also i thought its more effective but many people in europe find it annoying because if it happens too much, they can't get to practice mid-late game rotation or teamfight.
i don't know what's better.
maybe its just preference... another reason to have a brother team i guess.

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조재환선수 SKT때부터 팬이었는데 LCS에서 열심히 하시는 모습 정말 보기 좋습니다. 저도 외국에서 유학하고있는중이라 힘드신거 잘 압니다... 앞으로도 열심히 하시길 바랄게요! 아참 서버가 서유럽이신가요 북유럽이신가요? ㅎㅎ 전 서유럽인데...

서유럽이에요. 그런데 동유럽 사람들도 웬만해선 서유럽 서버에서 겜하려 하더라구요 ㅎㅎㅋ

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