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I need some advice. I'm a guy and I don't feel like marrying because I think I've not achieved the level of success I'm after. I'm 28 btw. But I do want to marry as it will save me from evil acts or prohibited as they say. What's your opinion on this? Should I or not? No jokes please only serious ad

Get married brother, you don’t know what your future holds, rely on Allah for sustenance and success.

Hello I need serious advice: I love a guy, but he doesn’t love me or want a commitment. But its been years and he said these stupid things a lot. Now in 3-4 days his bday is coming. I’ve planned a cake & lunch. Nothing too special but I’m not sure. Should I give him a bday treat & block him then.

Girl seriously, drop him

i dont belive in love and i dont even want to get married but a boy is waiting for 5 years for my response although he has choice lkn mughe ese lagta hai shadi ke bad sab pyar muhabat khtm hojata hai i just want to leave this country but deeo down i love him what should i do

You don’t believe in love but deep down you love him, ahan


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