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Hi, Karma has no menu you get served what you deserve 🤝

You can run, but you can't hide.
Time won't save you, because Karma has no deadline.

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Would you classify yourself as intelligent?

-Graduated with a 3.98 GPA
-Love me some hockey trivia
-Know my type matchups in pokemon
-Can point out where the humbucker is on a guitar
-Often the IT/tech support guy at the office
-Thrives on dank memes
Yeah, I'd say I'm decent lolol

Are you 420 friendly?

Absolutely 100%
Rather endorse the jay than cancer sticks, snowbanks, burning knives, and so on. No contest.

Are you materialistic?

Hardly. The stuff I have almost always has some good use for them.

cc: The gym clothes I still have from high school

How many people do you talk to everyday?

On average 1 (one).
Save your empathy, I'm used to being a lone wolf- never mind "small circles"

What would u rather do make 10mil cash instant or get 500$ everytime you clap

Insta 10 mil is a life changer, no shit.
Be it CAD or USD ill take the instant millionaire.

If I put mayonnaise between two slices of bread. Did I make an egg sandwich?

That's just a mayo sandwich.
It's not an egg sandwich until you add actual egg.
Altho I do understand where you're coming from (mayo is made from eggs)
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