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👠What do you wear that you absolutely HATE wearing?

DangerouslyDelicious’s Profile PhotoDeryn
When I went or work I didn't like wearing pants wanted to wear shorts in the summer lol

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My gf broke up with me about a year ago. I miss her so much. Her boyfriend is my friend. Should I text her?

If you're like going to text her that you miss her no

Do you think you could be happy being intimate with a guy with a few unnecessary pounds around the butt?


Realistically, why do people put "single" in their bios. My gut says it's because they know they'll get more attention with single than with taken. But maybe some really are. So what? Is a relationship gonna come out of this place?

Probably to save time cause people ask it a lot

Do you think showing my American pride will piss off the liberals?

You know they celebrate the 4th too so like grow up lol

Ever feel depressed for no reason at all. Nothing there to be upset about yet you just feel like there is this dark cloud over your head that won’t go away.

Yes that's depression

Shall we believe oppressive comments such as lazy, worthless, loser, freeloader etc. Or stop oppressing our selves and accept that we are natural human beings that are not defined by the society belief of what a person should be?

Yeah, unless you actually are though. Like if you harass people and such you're acting like a loser


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