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Have you ever hurt someone’s feelings and they never forgave you even after apologizing?

Usually if feelings are hurt we just move past it depending on what happened but normally just move past it

Sorry, what’s the quickest way to get to the hospital? Easy, just stand in the middle of a busy road.

Also could send others to the hospital doing that

I was wondering would you cut off a tag from a vintage sweatshirt or hoodie if it was itchy? Would that effect it’s value?


What are some things a guy can do to get a girl to like him Her and I will be wearing masks and at church

Nothing, can't get people to like you they either do or don't

I didn't expect to get so many replies but now that I have all of your attention. let me propose starting a get together in pikeville ky for a orgy. we can invite anyone we decide and set our own rules more woman is going to be there hopefully not a sausage fest. whats your thoughts

Get lost

I think it’s funny when people think that you cheated on them and you never did

Probably very insecure people but never had that happen


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