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I mean, you would be confused, I guess. Hey, are you friends with Joel Guttormson still? He purged his friendlist a while back. I'm still on it ('cause he doesn't know who I am) but it's curious. Bunch of friendly folk got purged then.

Don't misgender/deadname people. I never was on her list in the first place.

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Hahaha, I have already asked and you send me a message. But I'm not the person who was an asshole to you earlier. Or the other way around.

I'm so very very confused.

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Hi. I'm the person who was an asshole to you earlier. Can I be part of your TMI filter?

I can't add you unless I know who you are. You'll have to message me on Facebook and reveal who you are to me before I can decide if I'm going to add you.

Hilariously, for all I know, you've already requested me and I've already added you to it.

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If your husband developed an illness that caused him to loudly burp and fart and every two minutes and stink up every room he's in, would u still <3 him?

LMAO. He's got IBS so he's already partway there. I still love him and I will continue to. I would have to deal with it somehow tho, I've got a really sensitive sense of smell.

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I'm sorry that other poster is so mean

That's ok. I've certainly had meaner.

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Lol. Yeah, I flew in from Virginia to take your rubbish bin out

It was a joke. And you're seriously still going to keep at this anonymously responding thing?

Well ok then, keep nursing that chip on your shoulder. I still don't understand y u so mad about my marriage.

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Yeah, have fun with your half-mopped floor. When you're ready for a real man don't come to me—I'm not a man.

Lol I'm poly, so I wouldn't have to leave him to date anyone in the first place. Like I already do. But not you because I'm not down with classist, ableist people. Y u so mad?

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If someone with stinky, greasy, dirty hair came to you and said: "I haven't washed my hair in 2 years. Will you wash it for me?" what would you say?

Probably yes if I liked the person. I like washing hair a lot.

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If an upstairs neighbor were dancing at 2"30 AM right above your head, would you report to the landlord?

I'd talk to them first

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Have you ever eaten ice cream for breakfast?

Hell yiss. Coffee ice cream is basically a food group for breakfast.

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Is it electric: woogie, woogie, woogie?

I don't understand this reference

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Do you like Miley Cyrus?

Not really. Don't hate her either tho

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Well, I guess it's good you weren't trying to convince me. Because you didn't.

Why would I need to convince anyone that my relationship is valid? Least of all an anonymous classist ableist lookist asshat like you. Have fun trading whatever looks and money you have for love~

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Lol, who are you trying to convince that, me or you?

I'm not trying to convince anyone. I'm good. I don't know why you have a bug up your tush about it. Again, what is it to you anyway?

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I'm just wondering what the fuck he even brings to the relationship. You pay for everything and are the attractive one meanwhile Fedora McNeckbeard lives in your basement arguing with people on the internet.


Is that how you see relationships? Exchanges of finances and levels of conventional attractiveness? I don't see things the same way but, uh, go you, I guess? Except for the ableism and lookism and classism parts. Possibly sexism since people are generally very quick to question stay at home husbands where they wouldn't a female homemaker.

I, too, spend a lot of time arguing with people on the internet, and he lives in every part of the house, just like I do. And he's not a Fedora McNeckbeard, he's a legit SJW like me.

I don't need to justify his worth to you but if you must know, he brings everything to a relationship that I never knew I needed and didn't think was possible. I'm happy with him, he's happy with me, we're happy. Seriously, what is it to you anyway?

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How fed up do you get with Danny being useless and not having a job? Does this 'cause marital strife?

I reject the premise of this unnecessarily nasty question. Not having a paying job doesn't make you "useless". All it means is that your value as a person isn't acknowledged by our current economic model. Certain types of people, including the disabled, and certain types of labor, like domestic, emotional, and creative, aren't valued in society. I blame that, not my husband, for our economic and other woes.

We have fights like any people do, and I get stressed, but I don't think that way about the person I love and wed. As you think this horrid way, I sincerely hope that neither you nor anyone you love ever finds themself in a situation where they, for whatever reason, can no longer do the kind of labor valued in our current economic model.

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Do you like the beach?


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Could you ever be a nurse's aid, or does the idea of changing poopy diapers gross you out too much?

Hmm, I guess I could if I had to

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Do you have children?

No, can't afford it

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How can I get thin? I'm sick of being obese.

I'm not thin and I've yet to sustain weight loss so I'm not the person to ask.

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Why are you so pretty?

A combination of genetics and hard work, plus your perception

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Do you <3 me?

I can't answer without knowing who you are

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Would you ever get a peridot gem tattoo


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There is a character that kinda looks like you. josephine montilyet. I really dig how it has POC in roles that are different than you would expect. If you have the time I recommend it

*googles* I see the resemblance! I don't video game too much but I've heard good things about that one

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