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How would you react if we got aaliyah back?

hɑppeh . c:

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if the whole world got to vote to get aaliyah back, and give ke$ha... would you vote yes or no ?

idek mɑ ' .

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how do you think your parents would react if you told them you were bi/gay/lesbian ?

ɑhɑ , i' m out of ɑmericɑ .

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can you touch your nose with your tongue ?

sandraa .
yɑs , hoe .

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Where were you 3 hours ago?

in yo mami' s bed , ma ' .

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wuh-deeeeeeeeeee ? wesssssuhp ? gotcho nigga in the cut !


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happy birthday c:

sandraa .
thanks bew.

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don't you hate that feeling when you feel like you need to sneeze but you don't ?

yaas. the struggles.

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Would you ever bet on a girl or boy to prove how much you like them?

idek bruh.

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artist you're listening to right now ?


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would you rather spend 24 hours in jail? or let your girlfriend or boyfriend look through your phone for 24 minutes?

look through my phone for 24 mins.

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( for boys ) would you rather have an ugly girl with an amazing personality? Or a beautiful girl with a stank attitude and bad personality? ( for girls ) you got to choose between a nice ass boy that would do anything for you riding in a shopping cart or a guy in a Bugatti who just wanna hit, who?

nice ass boy , that would do anything for me.

View more omg I can't breathe I need to stop cx goodnight y'all

i was on the floor. c'x

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imvu ? club penguin ? poptropica ? meez ? ever been on one of those ? all of them ? which ones have you been on ? did ya likeeee it ? or nah

and imvu.
imvu , is for desperate hoes . so nah.
and meez was aiight , but still thirsty.

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walk up to a bitch you don't like and be like "Damn girl how you do dat dere? How you make a ponytail & you aint got no hair."

moe , pm me on poly.

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Safe sex is great sex. You better use a latex. 'Cause you don't want that late text that's sayin' i'm late text.

thank you , for the lecture.

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jhene aiko or karrueche ? ( looks )

karrueche .

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opinion on miley cyrus ?

she is a slut.
s l u t.
she needs jesus.

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What was the last thing you paid for?

skittles ! c:

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both of y'all.

ariana // jermaine.
asia // treyvon.
who are you ?

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favorite character in the cheetah girls?

second one , is dorinda. c:

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spongebob or patrick?

spongebob is hawtt.
but , patricka is hawtterr.

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