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Hi!! I would like to ask if are u all planning to help international fans purchase melon pass for sf9's comeback this time??

Yes we are! We will soon post a guide to help fans purchase passes 😊

Hi! I saw a video of SF9 at FNC's kakaotalk page. It was posted last January 24. Is it possible for you to download it for us to be able to view it? We couldn't watch it since it's only available in Korea.

They are the same teasers that were revealed on the same day!

It doesnt mention mv release on the schedule, is it just gonna be the same time when the album comes out?

Most likely!

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About the concept cards, are they the same as the 9 pictures last time?

No, they will be different from the last album!
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Hi, could you tell me if the albums bought in amazon will count for hanteo or gaon?~~ ;-;

Albums on Amazon are albums that were already purchased in bulk orders from official album sites so yes, they will be counted for Hanteo and Gaon charts!

Dear fantasies, can you guys pls just appreciate them. They are doing this for the love of SF9 members by informing us abt the boys. Dont like what you see? Dont like what they post/ inform? Then UNFOLLOW! Easy. Dont attack them by posting your anger on this ask fm.

Thank you!
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Can you give instructions on how to preorder their new album? :)

We posted a link leading to the FNC Store! You can preorder it there :)

당신도 알겠지만, 여러분은 우리에게 하시는군요! 우리는 정말로 감사합니다! 정말 감사합니다. 좋은 하루 되세요 😁

Thank you!
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where u get that they ill have 6 songs? DONT ANYHOW SPREAD THINGS WHEN FNC DIDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING

Here's the link: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002586086
This is not the only source; there are multiple news sites that have stated that there are going to be 6 tracks. We have stated long ago that we do not spread false or unconfirmed info. We try to be as accurate as possible. Please do not bash us without confirming if there are official sources to back us up ^^
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You guys are doing great as a fanpage. Ignore those rule people and keep up with your hard work. I appreciate your effort to update fans with newest information about sf9. I wish the best for you guys and also sf9 this upcoming album!

Thank you so much! Your support is greatly appreciated. We will continue to work as hard as we can! In return, we hope you can continue supporting us and SF9 :)
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How did you learn hangul? I wanna know so that i can understand sf9 better. :(

Hi! The admin you're talking to right now is Korean. I have never taken lessons before but I learned a lot because it is my native language! I have asked around before and others mostly learn by either receiving official lessons or watching a lot of videos and going over key terms. I hope this helped a bit! Korean is a difficult language. Please do not pressure yourself info learning a lot in a short period of time!
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I saw some questions about VLive videos. You can make subs on VLive, so you don't have to repost videos on yt and it won't be taken down =)

We've been considering this idea as well! Our staff is currently discussing this matter and if we decide to go with this idea, we will let you know :)
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i really dont know why there are so many people criticizing u. u do so much for fantasies and we really value ur efforts! please dont let them get to u too much and thank u for keeping everyone updated even about their layout i really appreciate u!

Thank you so much for the support. Our staff really appreciates it. We will continue to work hard and we ask for you all to keep on supporting us! Again thank you, this really made our day 😊
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Firstly thank you for your hardwork. We really appreciate you efforts. I just wanna ask if you are planning to translate SF9 After School Clup ep?

Thank you! After School Club is usually subbed by Arirang. If it is not, our staff will discuss about subbing it! If we do happen to sub it, we'll reach out to you as soon as we finish :)
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People are so rude to you guys for no reason. You guys are taking the time to keep other fans informed I'm sorry for all the negative feedback you guys get. Please know there are more positive people out there that are thankful for what you guys do!! Don't let people get you down :)

Thank you so much! Like always, we appreciate all the support we receive. We are working hard to provide all Fantasies with accurate information and updates! We promise to work harder in the future. Thank you again for the support!
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hi do you guys promote other fanbases on your twitter? I have a fanbase for Chanhee and I wonder if you guys would promote it for us. it would be lovely thx

Sure! We can retweet one of your promotional tweets if you'd like :) Just tag us!
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So i heard that you are avoiding to answer questions ? any reasons

We are not able to answer questions 24/7. Please be patient for them to be answered. We also do not answer questions that have no relation to SF9. Please refrain from asking things that are not about SF9. Thank you!
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Sorry! We just tweet every new thing we notice. We think it is important to let people know that it has changed :) A lot of people don't notice these small changes!
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Why are you guys ignoring questions? Want to make you guys look "nice" but in actual fact not

Sorry! We are not able to answer questions 24/7. We will try to answer them as soon as possible though! Please refrain from asking personal questions about our staff or anything unrelated to SF9.
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hi! i was wondering if you know if someone subbed/is planning to sub the vlive rowoon and inseong did last week? it's on the vapp but it's unsubbed so :(

V LIVES are hard to sub as they get taken down by NAVER. We are currently looking for other ways to sub them. We'll let you know soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.
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To let u know that i am from another idol group and been in a fanbase is pointless to sub v live because it will get remove

We also have learned that the hard way. We are currently looking for other ways to sub V LIVE videos!
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