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Hi Gail, can you share your skin care routine like the brands and all in detailed with us? Your skin looks really good!

I think I've answered this question before! (Or have I?) Everyone keeps asking me but I don't have any secrets 😂 I just spend a ton of money on skincare and makeup LOL. When I find time I'll get Jem to video me talking about my products haha

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Hi Gail! Saw that you spent quite some time in Seoul. May I know some places that you would recommend to shop for cheap clothes and makeup that can hopefully be covered in a day? Are they any "must-buys" makeup items? Also, would it be hard to communicate if I do not understand Korean? Thank you!

Hello! I would recommend going to Edae, where there are lots of makeup and shops selling cheap and pretty clothes ^^ Also, visit Garosu-gil! It's an atas street at Sinsa station - lots of clothing stores as well! Must-buy cosmetics items include Clio gel liner, April Skin cc cushion and Skinfood watery rouge lippies (: those are my best buys from Korea!
It won't be very hard to communicate, some of the Koreans speak English and Mandarin (:

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