Best video game console of all time?

I guess this would depend entirely on what the criteria for "best" video game console would be. Let's ignore the technical aspekt of raw power and instead look at what the consoles have to offer us players. When you look at quality games it's hard to beat the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There are so many games on that system that defined and influenced the games we play today. Not to mention all those classics many of us still play even to this day.
Although the Snes would be my pick for number one I still got a soft spot for the Sega Dreamcast. A great controller that's adaptable for different types of games, a built-in modem for online play and that sweet VMU that unfortunately never became a hit. That console is a lovely smorgasbord in the form of design and usability. Sure, the Dreamcast has a few flaws when compared to some modern consoles but the Dreamcast was the first to use so many new ideas at the same time out of all the disc based consoles, and that makes it very lovable.