Ive been paying my policy for 2 years now. If for example I lost my job and I want to get all the money I put in Sunlife. Will I be able to get everything plus the interest? My policy is Sun Maxilink Prime.

Short answer to your question is No. You will not get your total deposit and interest if any. Maxilink Prime is an Insurance with Investment component and it has charges incurred in setting up your policy + the insurance charges that covers in case of death.
In your case, you mentioned you lost your job. If you have other means, please do not surrender your policy. Try to look back when you first get it. What was your plan for it? And besides, you won’t be able to bring back your age when you got it.
Being jobless is temporary and Im sure you’ll find a new one in no time. But when you surrender your policy and get a new one in the future, it will be much more expensive – sayang naman.

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