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Hi, missed my payment by 1 day, it slipped my mind. I think it will reflect after 2 days. Would this have any affect on my policy? Thanks!

No worries as it will have no effect on your policy. :D

hello? how do I pay my annual billing thru BDO online banking? thanks

Using BDO online go to My Quick Links (middle left portion), click Pay Bills.
It will open a window Payment Details. Under Pay this Company Biller, check Pay a Company/Biller that is not yet enrolled.
Choose Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc. Enter the amount of payment.
Subscriber Number should be the Policy Number
Subscriber Name should be the name of the Policy Holder/Owner
At the last part, you may wish to enroll this Company/Biller so that future payments can be done easily.
Once done, your payment will reflect to your Sun Life account in 2-3 business days.

Hi good day. My mom is asking how can she start pating her sunlife forthe first time. Thanks in advance

When you say paying for the first time, does this mean initial payment? If it is, Sun Life have accounts with commercial banks where she can deposit the payments directly to Sun Life.
If, however, you mean paying for a recently issued policy, she can easily use the policy number and pay thru accredited banks or payment centers.

Is there a grace period for the due date? what will happen if I miss the payment due date and paid it few days after? will I incur any charges?

Yes, there’s a grace period on due dates. What will happen if you miss paying on the due date? It actually depends on what type of plan you got. If it’s a VUL plan, it will not incur any charges.
As long as there’s enough fund value to pay for the charges, your policy will remain in-forced.

Ive been paying my policy for 2 years now. If for example I lost my job and I want to get all the money I put in Sunlife. Will I be able to get everything plus the interest? My policy is Sun Maxilink Prime.

Short answer to your question is No. You will not get your total deposit and interest if any. Maxilink Prime is an Insurance with Investment component and it has charges incurred in setting up your policy + the insurance charges that covers in case of death.
In your case, you mentioned you lost your job. If you have other means, please do not surrender your policy. Try to look back when you first get it. What was your plan for it? And besides, you won’t be able to bring back your age when you got it.
Being jobless is temporary and Im sure you’ll find a new one in no time. But when you surrender your policy and get a new one in the future, it will be much more expensive – sayang naman.

What types of investments do you have?

We have different types - stocks, mutual funds, vul, real estate. Looking into business in the near future if God forbids. :D

How much insurance coverage do you have now?

A little too personal and dangerous to disclose :D Let's just say that I have substantial coverage now. In case the Lord calls me, my children's education are taken cared of and my wife will be able to sustain their lifestyle for at least 10years. :D
Every year, I try to add to our coverage hanggat kaya.

What's your course/degree in college?

Graduated with a degree on Information Technology. Used to be a Web Manager before going full time as Financial Advisor.

Do you have mentors?

Yes I do. One of my greatest influence is Bro. Bo Sanchez. His book "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" has brought me to where I am now.

How many times have you appeared on national TV?

3 times. The first one was with Pesos and Sense. Second one was with "Bitag" of Mon Tulfo with the topic on Credit Cards. The latest was with ANC on the Money - topic on Personal Finance blogging.

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