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For once in your life be serious and answer the dam question Are you guys going to do anything to prevent cheating in Rust? like getting a new anti-cheat that actually works? if you dont care about that,can you ask Helk if he can create account on this site so we can ask him those questions?

I seem to answer this question a lot, and the position hasn't really changed.

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what do you think about the people moaning about the components and wanting blueprints or a hybrid between all 3 systems?

People only remember what they want to remember. They forget all the negatives.

A good example is legacy. You'll always find someone trumpeting about how it was great and we should try to be more like it. I played legacy recently for the first time in a few years, and it's a piece of shit. It looks horrible, it plays horrible. I'm embarrassed that we even sold it.
If you think blueprint, xp, or legacy were better than what we have now... try playing them. Seriously. Play them and refresh your memory. You'll be shocked at how badly you're remembering.

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Hey Garry :) Maybe im not searching hard enought but i haven't seen any conversation about Global illumination in the Rust. We know unity has it, so im asking what are limitations and/or problems to adding it in the game? Have you considered it? It would be more than amazing feature for sure.

It's all prebaked, so it can't be used in a game with a dynamic environment like rust.

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Rust Twitter account made this tweet saying "What's our next move?" Giving 3 options Revert to BPs or Keep and improve XP or Neither aka Components. XP won with 54%, BPs had 36%, and neither had 10%. now to the question. If reverting to BPs had one would Rust have BPs right now?

Polls aren't made to decide what we do, they're to take the temperature of the community.

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