Ask @gaurav_manutd20:

fav man utd chants?

These are in no order
→ Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, My only solskjaer. You make us happy when skies are grey. Cause Alan Shearer was fucking dearer. Please dont take our solskjaer away.
→ Nemaannnjjjaaaaa, Woaahhhhh.
Nemaannnjaaaaaa, Woaaahhhh.
He comes from serbia, he'll fucking
murder ya. Nemanja. Woaaahhhh
→ I wanna tell you. I might as well do. About a boy who could everything. He comes from Belgium. His name is Adnan. Januzaj Januzaj Januzaj
→ I saw my mate, the other day. He said to me he saw the WHITE PELE. So I asked who is he? He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney. He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney.
→ Deutscher Fussball meister, Bastian!
→ Oh when the reds. Oh when the reds. Oh when the reds go marching in. I wanna be in that number. Oh when the reds (Oh when the reds) Go marching in (Go marching in) I wanna be in that number.
→ U-N-I-T-E-D. United are the team for me. With a knick knack paddy whack. Give a dog a bone. Why dont city fuck off home?
→ The city is yours? The city is yours? 20,000 empty seats. Are you fucking sure?
→ Keep singing 6-1. Keep singing 6-1. 6 games in Europe. You couldn't win one.
→ Anderson-son-son. He's better than Kleberson. Anderson-son-son. He is our midfield magician. To the left, to the right. To the samba beat tonight. He is class with a brass. And he shits on Fabregas!
(Atm. I like these)

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1.One best friend?🌏 2.Do you have a sibling?👭👫 3.Top ten priorities?👯 4.Something you miss?😭 5.Something you want atm?😅6.Something which makes you happy?7.How old are you?💯 8.Birthday?🔛 9.Single/taken/crush?👯 10.A subject which you like the most? 📚 (STAIF) Please answer

1) Enaksh
2) No
3) Sanjali-Reyna, Manchester United, Sanya, Saumzipoo, Enaksh, Anish, Parikh, Khullar, Saloni
4) My Old Hair
5) Nothing
6) Manchester United winning a match.
7) 14
8) 04112001
9) Single
10) Physics

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views on paris attacks

People just get over the fact that all terrorists are muslims. Okay? The level of this shit is way too much. Just hear what this is all about. I dont give a fuck if people dont even read this. But I will keep this on my wall even if I get no likes. I agree that the ISIS is a full Islamic organisation but have a look at this. This will just explain everything :-
Terrorist- Are you a muslim?
Christian - Yes (Lie)
Terrorist- Then tell me any verse from the quran
Christian- Says a verse from the Bible
Terrorist- Okay. You'rl can go.
Moral- The christian was so sure that the terrorists are those muslims who haven't read the Quran.
Still think all muslims are terrorist?
Be honest! If yes, then its your psychology which is making you think that they are. If no, then amazing, see how it feels from a different point of view.

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Okay :
→ All teachers would first enter and ask if everyone was in their own places
→ Ms.Krishna calling gurjyot a FOOTBALL =))
→ Ayan and Shlok typical fights
→ The last 3 benches on the last row facing the sea was always occupied by Ayan Shlok Gurjyot Bhuveer and me.
→ Irratating Nama Mala and when Ayan said chutya loudly in front of her =))
→ Anything happens in class. Any fight the blame is either on me or gurjyot.
→ The geography paper which was leaked and the blame came on our class and everyone had to go one by one inside to talk to rao.
→ I used to write united playerson the benches and eventually screwed the whole class.
→ Parikh and "sent home" still a better love story than twilight
→ Parikh and gurjyot were talking about sex and chacko's daughter complained to ramesh and ramesh. That was hilarious
→ Rayaan flirting with girls
→ Gurjyot and yashvardhan fights were amazing.
→ Shlok and Ayan singing while classes are going on
→ Ayan randomly used to start singing 'Desi Kalakaar'
→ Solving a CUBE became a TREND.
→ Shlok Me Bhuveer & Ayan talking about restaurants and food when nayak is teaching.
→ If you haven't done your physics homework. You're screwed.
→ The way me and ayan ragged all the teachers in the last week
→ Playing 'Football Atlas'
→ When Saxena and Me had A Big Fight =))
I can say many more but I am lazy

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