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It funny how u think u know shaylee but really u don't just because she talks about guys doesn't mean she likes them and she doesn't change her mind every two days because if she doesn't know who she likes then how can she change from guy to guy u think u know her but u have never even met her......

Oh, hey anon, beautiful morning isn't it... Yes, yes it is.. How about you tell me who this is?? And yeah I never said I knew her either.. And I'm pretty sure u haven't heard my side so u wouldn't know what she put me through.. And yeah it does mean that she likes the different guys because. Oh I like Brett but he has a gf, the next week I like Michael, he's cute. Michael fell for the same thing I did. She treats guys like they're puppets. Now keep calm bud and pull a Shaylee... Have a nice weekend anon

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