Ask @gazzmarlowinme:

If you could invite 5 people along to your next gig and for drinks afterwards..dead/alive..famous/ muggles who would you pick and why?

I'll answer this as "celebrity dinner party" essentially. I'd have Arnie as he is a very inspiring fella with what he achieved from nothing. Ricky Gervais for being creative intellectual comic genius. Doug and Jimmy from Fight Quest on Discovery Channel as they seem really nice and humble yet awesome. And Daniel John's from Silverchair as one of the world's best musicians. Random mix eh?

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As you said you were a keen boxer below, did you watch the Carl Froch vs George Groves fight last weekend, if so what were your thoughts on it?

It was a great fight, I watched it live in the pub. Froch is my fave boxer at the moment. I was chuffed with his win, I like fights to go a good distance as I prefer technical style. The finish was sick, textbook right cross!

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What is your favorite sport?

I'm a keen boxer. I train at Brightons biggest boxing gym a few times a week and love it. I do spar etc but have no aspirations to fight competitively, far too dangerous for my guitarist fingers and pretty face! I have done other martial arts including kickboxing, karate, tae kwon do, and wing chun. Other sports I like are table tennis and badminton. I think that's it.

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