LT Niazi

What defines your character?

Khuda kay bandon ki madad karo jitna ho sakta hai. Allah nay apko is liye nahi diya because ap ko surkhaab kay par lagay, Allah nay apko is liye diya kiyunke:
1- Apnay mehnat ki
2- kiyunke apnay mehnat ki apko behtar pata how it feels to not have things you wish for.
3- takay ap un logo kay sath share karo aur kuch waqt kay liye sahi unky chehray per muskurahat bakhero 😊🙏🏻💯
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27th February 😂😂 you wanna say something

Muhafiz aman kay hum hain, yeh duniya ko dikhaya hai 🇵🇰❤

If you feel you're not important and not being respected and appreciated by someone for all the efforts you make, would you walk away from them or stay there and try to talk to them? #staif

Nibhata hoon tou dill sy nibhaata hoon, choor doon tou mukamal chor deta hoon. 💯

If you go invisible for one day, what will you do??

Malaa_khan’s Profile PhotoMK
Jese e ap logo ko batatay ho kay apko wo pasand hai wo auqaat sy bahar hojatay yeh soch kar kay iski weakness ab mere hath mein haiand they can do whatever they want to.
I will quietly sit in front of a girl and keep looking at her and will blush too.
Dekhna bhe tou unhein door sy dekhna,
Shewa e Ishq nahi Hussan ko ruswa karna.

If you were really hungry, really exhausted, AND really gross, what would you do first — eat, nap, or shower?

I'll sleep 💯 percent. kiyunke bohat dafa aisa hua hai jahan mein bohat thaka hota tou baghair kuch khaye sojata hoon 😊

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

I don't even smoke cigarettes or sheesha bro, alcohol tou bohat door 💯

What are you more interested in? 1. Giving your loyalties or 2. Civic for someone?

Black Vigo chalege? 🤣💯

The hardest goodbye is the one you have to say twice. One to the love. One to the friendship.

Farishatybhatti’s Profile PhotoFarishaty
Shafa deta hai zakhmon ko,
Us ka marham sa lehjaa,
Magar jo dill pe chaltay hain,
Wo khanjar bhe usi kay hain.
The hardest goodbye is the one you have to say twice One to the love One to the

I wanna ask one thing... you can tell me in question, don't need to post it . Whats that rank "MAR-I" in navy?

Malaa_khan’s Profile PhotoMK
I wanna ask one thing you can tell me in question dont need to post it 

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