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Pollo , Jose , Carla ,Angie

p - he's a really good friend i can tell him anything 🙌🏽 & our conversations are pretty lit 😂😂🔥
c - she's the 💣😍🔥 I love her sm ! 💛 we have so many memories together & she's so gorgeous 😍😍💛
j - ayyee that's my nigger 😂❤️ I hate him sm ! 💘 I can tell him everything and not worry about him judging me 😩 were tummy goals 😂😂😜❤️ I'm here for him no matter what 🙌🏽 !
a - she's really pretty 🙂 we don't talk . and her ig feed is 🔥 :-) .

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Dear Genesis Marquez , I'm forever blessed with you bbg & my bf Carla & my girl Cindy💖 you guys are just fucken amazing and you guys are my small circle because I only fuck with you guys only 👌🏼 I'll be there for you no matter what (-; ty for being everything😘 keep doing you babygirl , luv you

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awe bby g 😭💞 ik your going through some tough times rn but I'll be here for you 🔐 and love you too jess 👸🏽❤️

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carla , pollo , angie , jose , aline

carla - she's pretty 😍💗 I have her back and she has mine 🙌🏽 when we're together we do some stupid ass shit 😂😂❤️ i love her to death 😩💓
pollo - he's such a good friend 👌🏽 I have his back no matter what 💯💛 he stopped me from doing the most dumbest things and I'm grateful for him 😭💛 .
angie - she's pretty ☺️
jose - ayee that's my bestfriend 😂💗 he's a lagger 🖕🏼 but funny & chill ☺️ he is such a weirdo 😂😂 but I love that slutt 💛
aline - she's fucking goals 🙌🏽😍❤️ we drifted ☹

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