Ask @geraldcrim99:

What’s one small thing you appreciated today?

I appreciate i sleep a lot.. and i don’t have duty today and i can rest again today.. its really hard being OJT in three different bureau of DILG although i only finished for now the first two bureau, the BFP and BJMP in manda.. and i don’t know when we going to deploy to the last remaining bureau (the pnp or napolcom) where we need to have a 180 hrs of duty.. its really stressful and im being exhausted thinking how to handle shits around you plus applying your what you studied and understand different scenarios like attending or escorting detainee or the defendant inside the court while observing maximum security at all times coz you never know what will going to happen.. and now we will going to deploy again and transfer to the last remaining bureau and i don’t know what is waiting for me there.. coz im really tires and i hope this traning will end and become a graduate and take my diploma.. that’s why i really appreciated i don’t have duty today and i can rest formthe whole day. :)

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How do u express ur sadness? Where do u go? What would u do??

I listen to emo or sad songs.. to express and to feel the theme song (thats what they call it.) of my sadness.. comfort music is really worth it for me.. coz w/o music like emo or sad songs or music that will motivate you or give you advice.. i think i don’t know where im going to lean on if there is no alcohol or beer in front of mw with my friends.. speaking of beer and alcohol.. i go to their house or our former settlement where my old friends lives and chill there.. i just drink sometimes to be happy.. listen to different songs if im alone.. or think some things in a peaceful place far from toxic of the industrial city and noise pollution of other peoplw giving us so much stress in our happy life.

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