Ask @gfjjo:

what should we do if u we feel very sad n want to cry so much.....go away from someone for his happiness how can we go??? :( im fed up now :(

It's hard to go away from a person for his happiness!! TRUE!! Happened with me as well!! :"(
But if that person doesn't wanna stay with you, you can't force them to stay!💝💝
You'll get million reasons to leave a person but ONE reason is enough to stay!! ♥♥♥♥
Try to distract yourself!! vo kro jisse khushi milti h....apne shauk pure karo!! hobbies toh sabki hoti hai!!
Get yourself so busy n involve yourself in multiple n diverse activities taaki yaad aane ke chances thore kam hojaye!
Turn on some good music!! Dance!! Laugh!! Crying is good too!! ♥♥Cry sometimes in isolation n then again back to the things which I mentioned above!! 🎀🎀
Hope this helps ^_^

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