Ask @gh0stparties:

How do you deal with people in your personal life knowing about your blog etc? I am desperate to start making videos because I love talking about makeup etc but I am mostly scared of people from where I live that don't particularly know me finding out/talking about me. (cont...)

They all know and love it! I had loads of people who were nasty at first but it made me realise they weren't truly my friends and I got shot of them. Go for it - the ones that matter will only have good things to say.

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You're a Kiwi!! How long ago did you live in New Zealand, how long and where? I am a big fan of your beauty blog from Wellington, New Zealand. Also, I just had to tell you that you're absolutely gorgeous!

I am! Hmm for the first 7 of 8 years of my life and then two years in Aus. I am from Nelson, that's where all my family still live. I also lived in New Plymouth and I remember visiting Wellington! X

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Any money saving tips to buy these lovely things you recommend in your blog everyday? Haha

I budget so much, I'm the queen of living off no money. Shop at Aldi, only take cash out of your bank account that you can spend that week and avoid paying with your card because it doesn't feel real. Get loads of loyalty cards like Boots and HoF and sign up to those annoying emails because brands send out discount codes often. Shop around, usually Hairtrade and Escentual are super cheap! X

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