Ask @gianactrng:

Top 5 fave artists/bands?

(in no particular order)
bruno mars, adele, sam smith, ed sheeran, idk anymore
lany, westlife, backstreet boys, nsync, the script

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3 Cosas que Odies

i google translated your question lmao, here are the 3 things i hate: when people couldn't appreciate the little things, when people are full of themselves and when people are so quick to judge

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What do you do when you have to choose between two guys and you like them just about the same??

either you....
choose none because you only have one heart, hence, you should only love one person. true love will never make you confused; it will never make you choose between two guys. true love will find you and when it does, you'll just feel it. i guess you just need to find yourself first and know what and who you truly want.
choose the guy that gives you an unexplainable feeling. the guy who you think will accept you and love you regardless of who you are and what you believe in. the guy who wants to see you grow and makes you a better person. a keeper.

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Do you know people with whom you want to improve contact, but can't?Why can't you?Who are these people?

yeah. it's not that i can't, it's just that i'm a really shy person and i'm bad at making first moves but i'm trying sometimes. also, i fear rejection so like i'd think that you hate me bc you don't talk to me, something like that lol. those people are the people (in my classes) that i see daily of course

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