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Ginger Ruby
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do you think you have a nice butt?


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what is all of your social media? 😛

insta: ginger.xv snapchat: ginge_ru

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Who is more jealous - girls or boys?

girls for sure

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i lowkey think your pretty attractive🔥

thank you!!! who is this?

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Honest opinion: I've only talked to you a few times but ur really sweet and we should hang sometime

Taylor Morken

yes for sure!!

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Tbh ur super chill and easy to talk to 👌🏻 hope you're doin good


sc me duude. I miss talking to you!!

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tbh// we've only talked a few times but you're really pretty

Jed rantz

thank you!! sc me

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Brother from another mother? Have one?


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Pap of your room now😍

it's not clean rn

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rate: 10 😍💘


awe thank you!!

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tbh: I don't really know you but you seem really nice and fun to talk to:) maybe we can talk sometime:)

arte hernandez

okay sc me :)

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tbh ginger your so sweet and pretty and I'm really excited for cheer with you💗💗💗💗


same!! thank you💗

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Tbh: we've never really talked but when we have you're really chill and nice! You're also so pretty😍

Natalie Porter

thank you!!❤️

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tbh: we don't talk much but your really funny and nice

Matthew Alexander


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Tbh// I miss you , and we really need to hang out soon, love you 👋🏽gingaa👋🏽


love you too, when I get home from LA we should hang out for sure!!

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TBH idk you that much but you seem chill !!

Armando Molina III

thanks duude

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take one I need tumblr inspiration it's so pretty😍

thank you but I'm not at home rn

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ya Henry who


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Pap of your room😍

I don't have any pics :(

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Trevor knows everything👌🏼

Trevor Brodersen

lol I bet not😂

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It's true 😂 just admit it

ik duude chill

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Everyone knows... ⬇️

lol alright anon

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You kissed Martin too😂😂👌🏼

Trevor Brodersen

how did you know😂

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chase who?

lol you probably don't know him

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