Ask @gimsunggyu:

should your guys be more concerned about 6 members who stay? they will have a tough time ahead standing on stage , answer all the questions. they knew it would be hard but still decided to stay keeping infinite;s name alive. Hoya chose his own path noone forced him

uhm? we are! it's just that to us, it will always be 7. it's not gonna be divided! it's just that we'll be into INFINITE and also HOYA. just because hoy didn't sign doesn't mean we won't care about him! our love isn't bounded by the a piece of paper!

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So seems like Dongwoo will be the last one to do As You Say It Vapp mission. There will be no Hoya. What are your thoughts about this?

maybe hoy is having a really tough time. he's had a lot of injuries and a lot of things happened to him. his friend left aoa and maybe somehow he's also starting to think abt ways he can have a healthier work ethic bc they're not young anymore. all those late night practices will get them one day you know. but im still optimistic abt their renewal. i just convince myself theyre being really thorough with everything. ifnt deserves the best treatment possible.

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What are your top 3 favorite fanfics (if you read any)? You can list 3 per pairing/fandom :)

but i only read woogyu =_=
- in my dreams the skies and seas collide (
- the prince and his witch (
- i'll give you my heart to make a place for it to happen (
- only superficial (
- things get better (

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Why do you think it's taking time for Woollim to announce about contract renewal? It makes everyone worry and we think about negative outcome. Do you think we will get a sad news or hoping for best?

probably because the boys can afford lawyers now (maybe) if that's the case they could be taking their time understanding how to make the contract benefit everyone and that's what i really hope for because i want them to do more things like ost and all that and release more stuff like self composed songs

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Can you please tell me your recent favorite 10 kpop and 10 non kpop songs?

uhm... i don't usually listen to other groups so i don't know a lot of kpop that's not infinite or a really popular song that even your grandma has already heard
what i can offer are songs that are more k-indie tho not so "indie"
oohyo's 고슴도치의 기도(hedgehog's prayer)
iu's palette
yozoh's 보는 사람(an observer)
baek yerin's 내가 날 모르는 것처럼(it's like i don't know myself)
okdal's intern
kim nayoung's 어른이 된다는게(being an adult)
taeyeon's fine
roy kim's 문득(suddenly)
day6's you were beautiful
cheeze's be there
non-kpop... some of these songs aren't so recent but i really like them a lot
birdy and james young's best shot
sekai no owari's anti-hero
ed sheeran's castle on the hill
aimer's stars in the rain
fox's scars
rag'n'bone man's human
the score's higher
imagine dragon's roots
florence + the machine's version of stand by me (i usually find covers meh but this one is so pretty)
etsuko yakushimaru's 私は人類(i am human)

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I forgot to put August there. Im getting married this coming August. May be its a goodbye, maybe not. Haha. But I really miss talking to u glad. Hope u r doin fine with ur life. Yeah I slowly away from kpop world. But I still watch infinite's show occasionally tho. :)

it's so soon omg aren't you supposed to be preparing? i hope everything turns out well. will you show me pictures?
i'm kind of the same. but i've always just read news about only ifnt. i listen more to k-indie anyway.

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Glad, I hope u still remember me. Its been awhile. I used to bother you with questions and we(me) spazzed about woohyun alot last time at this askfm. But anyway, i just want to tell you, im getting married This coming.Huhu and I really miss you :). Thanks for always being there.

OH MY GOD! CONGRATULATIONS!!! that's wonderful that you're getting married soon omg!
is this goodbye though? :(
tell me it isn't :(

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What do you think is going on in that sheep's mind from Hoya's ig story?

i feel like it's breastfeeding or something? because at the end when hoy lowers his phone there seems to be another sheep there? or maybe it was getting fucked? though? i don't think hoya would provide us soft sheep porn???
but the sheep looks like it's thinking, oh man please just get over it i just wanna live!

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Why some people choose to be single?

different people have different reasons but i'll list my own reasons why i am single:
i haven't met anyone who i really like yet and i don't wanna settle with someone i know for sure i'm not gonna be happy with. getting to know someone is a long and tedious process and if there is no initial attraction to make it seamless then idk how else it will happen with me. im also really enjoying my time alone bc im getting to know more abt myself and improving myself. commitment is also a scary thing. it's not like one day you're gonna find the one you're meant to be with and it'll all be fine. there are disagreements and moments of doubt. and scary things like feeling vulnerable bc you've entrusted yourself with someone and you're not sure what they're thinking and if they truly love you. and what things mean to the other person. like do they value the things you value. for example, you both watch game of thrones and you're so disgusted with the lannisters but he's fine with them bc he likes the entertainment value of it all. small things, big things, things you should notice on your own to make him happy, things you need to change about yourself, things you need to keep, things that you need to talk abt, things you're scared to talk abt, things that need a long time to talk abt, time to think things through and time for acceptance and compromise.

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