Ask @girlinsorea:

What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?

This might sound rude but I always notice their kitchen first! My main aim is their fridge!

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why do you love korea so much? what of korea do you love the most

Hmm! A tough one! I think I have to say it's because of K-pop. I had been wanting to visit Korea since I was 15 (that's when I started listening to K-pop) and I only got the chance to visit it last year! Since I had been lovin K-pop for so long and visited Korea once, it makes me miss and love that place even more! And I definitely love the food and culture (e.g. how they stick to their roots) the most!!

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when did u frst start listening to kpop? and who is yr ultimate favorite?

When I was 15! So thats 7 years ago! Ult fav would have to be Big Bang! :D

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