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What emoji do you wish existed?

i personally would want a lion face emoji or the middle finger for when i am really pissed.

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Found you guys from polyvore (I am Foxthewerewolf or Lulucat12345) and I have a question. How can I act more like myself around guys I like >_< I always get super nervous and awkward. This makes dating difficult for me at times...

okay so, i kinda had to go through this last summer but now he and i are like best friends. so i hope this helps.
-- spend time with him and a friend of yours ---
i was completely awkward around my crush. even if he was ten feet away from me my face would be bright red. but about halfway into the camp, my friend arrived. so her, my crush and i hung out and i was acting like myself. but before you and your friend hang out with him, make sure she won't develop feelings for him.
-- find common interests --
this may not sound like it helps, but if you find common interests you can bond in a sort of way. it also makes it easier to seem like it's just talking to a friend about something you both like. but no matter what, avoid the friend zone.
-- just pretend you don't like him --
sometimes if you pretend you don't like him, he won't notice how awkward and nervous you are. he might even start to like you, which i notice my friend's crush started to like her after she pretended she didn't like him.
-- confidence --
confidence is key. if you believe you won't act awkward, you won't act awkward. it's what i do and i never act awkward in front of my crush.
i hope this helped! let me know if this helped!

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